Blooming Rose Blush


While we all enjoy trying out new beauty trends and getting dolled up for a night out, there's something to be said for a natural, fresh-faced makeup look. The no-makeup makeup look has remained popular for a reason: it flatters everyone, is extremely simple to achieve, and takes only a few minutes. It’s one of those makeup looks that you see both on the runway and walking down the street, and it always looks great.

 What's the best part? To achieve the no-makeup look (ironic, huh? ), you don't need to be a professional makeup artist. You've got that sleek, carefree style down pat when you pair it with a messy bun. Continue reading for all the details, as well as our step-by-step beauty tutorial for achieving the no-makeup look in five minutes


Preparing your skin is the first step in creating this natural makeup look. Before applying anything to your face, make sure you hydrate and exfoliate. A fresh face keeps skin healthy and makes it easier to mix in makeup. Make use of skin-friendly cosmetics. After you've moisturized and exfoliated, it's time to apply makeup.


 Prepare to hide after you've prepped your skin. Use your concealer to hide any blemishes or dark circles for a natural look, as opposed to heavier makeup looks. The key is to use as little product as possible. A Beauty Blender or your fingers are the greatest tools for blending in concealer.

 After that, you'll need to apply foundation. Powders are fantastic for a natural look, but if you want a liquid, go for one that is light and won't cake up. For that "I woke up like this" effect, apply a very thin coat. To achieve the perfect mix, use a brush or sponge. Then, for a natural, delicate flush, warm up your cheeks with a peachy or pink blush. Apply highlighter to your cheekbones, top of your nose, chin, and the area above your eyebrows..


Now that your face is complete, it's time to add some life to your eyes. Use a shadow that is only slightly darker than your natural skin tone to enhance your eye's natural color and create a natural look. To make your lashes appear thicker, line your top waterline with a dark eye pencil. Apply a small coating of mascara to finish off your luscious lashes.


Last but not least, what's the secret to natural-looking brows? Fill them in lightly to give them a full but natural appearance.

Concentrate on letting your natural beauty come through with minimum makeup. Remember to smile to complete your natural look. For your daily routine, choose this easy and easy style. Also, keep some blotting papers in your luggage to wipe away any extra oils that may appear over the day.